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As Lexington moves into colder weather our offices will certainly look less clean. If you want to make the best impression your office needs to reflect clean year round. Read on to find tips that work for not only selecting your cleaning company but also for maintaining easily between visits.

The right fit is imperative in any long term relationship. In my opinion you do not want to outsource to someone who has a different crew coming through your office. They won't know the details of your company the same way as a dedicated cleaning technician does. Always make sure the same cleaning tech is responsible for your office. Of course there will be times when someone is ill, on vacation etc - we all have lives. But generally you should know who is doing the actual cleaning.

Second consideration is determining the cleaning company is a good company? Do they ethically clean using only green products? How do they pay their technicians? Would you enjoy networking with the company because in a long term situation you should expect to expand your contacts over time. All things to think about.

Do they have good communication skills? You will likely have events where you need to ask for things to be deep cleaned, special attention given to blinds etc. Can they accommodate you for a reasonable charge. It's a red flag if they don't charge for extra work. It means they don't pay well and that means high turnover at the very least and in today's world I find it a security issue as well.

So once you make your selection and have a signed service agreement in hand someone should follow up with you. It's important to know that someone cares and your expectations are met. This is just common sense but I think it is reasonable to bring it up.

So once that cold Lexington weather starts moving in what can you do in between scheduled cleanings to make sure things look good day to day. At the risk of sounding like a mom here I will say that of course you can take out your trash so it doesn't pile up. But the real trick is the path most walked should be identified. A quick mop with a portable mop will work wonders for keeping your office looking great. Focus on the entrance and don't forget all the common areas. The bathrooms and kitchens are particularly prone. This can be done quickly and without much fuss if you invest in a good portable mop with a nice green cleaning solution. If you wipe the main door glass and handle in the entrance you will have a nicely maintained office. I estimate you will spend between 5-10 minutes tops taking care of business and getting out of your office chair - which I always love doing.

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