Yes but is it clean?

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In my line of work I have lots and lots of conversations. It is interesting when I can piece together certain comments into workable advice. Check out my favorite 2 tricks for determining if what you are paying for is actually getting done.

The day before your cleaning team arrives try this trick:
--Strategically place bits of paper on the floor where they should be vacuuming

The day after your cleaning company visited check this detail:
 --Run your hand across surfaces that are supposed to be dusted especially high stuff

Now not every single time is going to be perfect. But it shouldn't be a consistent problem. And when it does happen what is going to be done about it? We have a practice that is totally unique to the cleaning world. It goes a little something like this.....if we made a mistake we will be there the next day to fix it. Not next week or next visit. The next day.

Thanks for letting me brag on our company for a minute. I am pretty proud of what we do and every now and again a girl has just gotta say like it is.


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