The After Party

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When 2012 rolled in our day started off with a nice breakfast, a few phone calls and a slew of text message returns exclaiming Happy New Year!
We then made our way out into the world and saw people jogging, biking and walking all over town. It was really windy but people seemed to be enjoying our weirdly warm weather. Maybe those resolutions will hold.
Our truck was loaded down with equipment because it is a heavier day than usual. You see we had to restore many businesses to their state of glory. We get to clean up from the busiest night of the year for many local bars and restuarants. I have playfully dubbed it the Dirtest Day of the year!
A few things we love about this day is the observations we make. We talk about the state of the economy, the things people lose and of course how good it looks when we are done (shameless self promotion). I personally used to love going out on New Year's Eve but we opted to settle for an elevated evening in which is just how it is when you are the cleaning crew.
I actually can't wait to see how places look after a party.....I want to imagine how much fun people were having. And from what I saw people had a blast. I have concluded that 2012 will be a good year. Business was good for our clients last night! I'm taking it as a sign of things to come.
On a lighter note girls always seem to lose an earring (sparkling stunner I might add) and someone lost a fantastic NARS lip pencil and lip gloss (this makes me inexplicitly sad). While the boys seem to be breaking open a late night snack (peanuts seemed to be a big hit this year - don't ask why I think this is a male....I just do). Someone always loses a key and in true fashion of being a Kentuckian it was a UK emblazed one.
After many hours of cleaning up confetti, party hats, and dealing with an incredibly sticky floor I finally get to sit down. I am estimating that I burned a million calories today. And I  should have the best lat muscles in the gym tomorrow from vacuuming and mopping all day.  So my New Year's Resolution is on track.
Here's to a wonderful 2012!


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