Spring Organizing and Cleaning Tips for the Office

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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Office

Spring has come, and the longer days and bright sunlight invigorates everyone. Isnít it time to put some of that burst of energy to good use? A clean and well-organized office is a mark of professionalism. It boosts productivity and gives you peace of mind as you work in a welcoming environment.

Feeling overwhelmed? Try breaking your spring cleaning into small, achievable pieces. Work on this list one item at a time, or set an alarm and clean for 20 minutes; then, reward yourself with a 10-minute break. When all is done a nice touch would be to add some fresh flowers or an inspiring art piece you've had your eye on for a while. It's an added bonus right?

Sort Out Your Papers

Addicted to post-it notes? Sort through the "To-Do's" fluttering from your monitor. Throw out what you donít need, and try to consolidate some of the others Ė maybe you just need one post-it note with a list of important phone numbers instead of dozens. This is an easy first step. To consolidate your notes - get an appealing little notebook and use it and only it for any work related reminders. It can become a wonderful tool to reference when your making your to do lists or sorting out projects. I can just see the smiles and thumbs up on the project managers face. 

Then it's onto other paperwork: one word TRIAGE. Throw out papers you no longer need. File away important documents, such as old reports and tax information, in a secure place - we love the Freedom Filer system. Consider getting a desk organizer for incoming and outgoing correspondence or a three-part organizer with sections labeled "To Do," "To Read" and "To File." If you have a serious problem consider investing in yourself by taking a course or reading a book on organizing. Personal growth and professional growth often go hand in hand.

Streamline Your Work Space

Take a hard look at the clutter that has piled up, and put away anything you do not regularly use. A gym bag can stay in the trunk of your car. A change of clothes can be folded and placed in a drawer. That book of crossword puzzles can go home. All great organizers keep space relevant to the tasks at hand. And if you happen to be looking for some wonderful assistance with organizing we recommend local gal Chris Hall who runs BlueGrass Go2Girl which is a great resource for small business owners. 

Prioritize everything that you need. Items you use every day, such as office supplies and hand sanitizer, go on top of your desk. The things you use every week can go inside your desk. The rest gets packed away into cabinets, boxes or shelves.

Is your bookshelf sagging under the weight of your professional library? Try narrowing it down to the minimum and keeping the excess books at home. Make a personal rule: If you add a book to the shelf, you have to take one off of it.

Regularly disinfect.

Clean Your Office

And once you are all orderly you are actually ready to clean.Wipe down every surface, from tables to the tops of cabinets. Take a look at your lampshades, ceiling fan blades and air conditioning vent covers; these are often-ignored magnets for dirt. Dust off the tops of your books, picture frames and knickknacks.

Disinfect any items you regularly handle, such as your keyboard, mouse and office phone, as these tend to collect bacteria. And don't forget to empty pencil cups and wash them by hand. We love using a mixture of grapefruit, rosemary and palma rosa essential oils to combat stress - simply mix a few drops into your natural cleaning solution of vinegar and water. The cool thing about using essential oils is that not only does it cover the vinegar smell while you are using the solution, essential oils like this combo can actually trigger ones ability to cope before stress builds up too high. That is good for everyone.

Vacuum or sweep, if you have access to the appropriate cleaning implements. Remember to get behind furniture, into corners and under cabinets that donít rest on the floor. 

Let Us Handle It

If youíre still feeling overwhelmed, Integrity Commercial Cleaning can help. This friendly team has years of experience cleaning all kinds of businesses. The company offers a variety of green cleaning services at competitive prices. With Integrity Commercial Cleaning, you arenít just investing in a cleaner office; youíre investing in workspace that youíll be glad to work in and proud to show to clients. Happy Cleaning!



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