Reasons to Use Green Cleaning Products

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Reasons to use Green Cleaning Products
Good health is the number one reason to use green cleaning products. Chemical-based cleaning products can lead to headaches and common household cleaners can cause direct chemical irritation to the trigeminal nerve receptors in the nasal lining. Migraine sufferers are particularly vulnerable, according to Dr. Christina Peterson, a specialist in neurology who is founder of the Oregon Headache Clinic. One common harmful chemical is called Perc. Perc is a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen which the EPA is allowing to stay in products and residential buildings until 2020 when it will be completely phased out.

Green cleaning products are also better for the environment. The ingredients in eco-friendly products break up and biodegrade. Non-eco-friendly chemicals accumulate and have adverse effects on wildlife and a lasting impact on the land. This can affect generations of wildlife. Mammal hormones are particularly vulnerable to disruption from environmental chemicals. Many of these animals that are adversely affected actually become part of our diet.

Non-Eco-Friendly Chemicals

There is a myth that chemical companies already test their products and the minute residual traces aren't enough to worry about. In fact, there are more than 80,000 chemicals in common use. The effects of many of them are not known. More alarming, the effects when they are combined are unknown. Using chemicals once isn't really the issue; consider the hundreds of usages and the accumulated buildup. The blog Live Science found one popular disinfectant contained chemicals known to cause deformities in the development of rats. Apparently, even small amounts of this are enough to cause harm. Think about the potentially dangerous effect of a cleaning company using this unsafe product, especially around pregnant women. This is when minute changes in hormones can have dramatic effects.

Analysis has shown that green cleaning products do an excellent job of cleaning. Artificial chemicals can be useful at times and can have a more dramatic effect than green products, but is that increased concentration and potency really necessary in the local office or home? Green cleaning products are not expensive and have good performance. The best way to protect your family, employees and yourself is to use green cleaning products or to only hire companies that do.

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In 2015, cleaning services companies must differentiate or die. Certain  commercial cleaning companies are specifically pursuing an eco-friendly strategy to separate themselves from the competition. Luckily, this means the consumer wins.


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