Organizing Files and Eliminating Piles

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Sometimes just the thought of having to organize a desk that is overflowing is enough to make you give up before you start. But it really is a case of it's bark is worse than it's bite. What I mean is that while it looks awful - and it gives a terrible impression and it's dirty-- the truth is that it isn't that hard to fix.

Tip 1: Start Small
Take it one pile at a time. I like to take a quick look at everything on my desk and ask myself is there anything here that I can visually see that doesn't go here? If so I immediately take it to it's home. It surprises me every single time just how much of a difference this one little tip actually makes. Throwing away any trash and take any dishes to the sink. See it's better - not fixed but better.

Tip 2: Notice
Now that you can see your desk a bit better you can really see something else. Patterns. For me there are some common themes that tend to be set on repeat. As new items come into my world I do not feel I have the time to give them my full attention. It's an error I make because not everything needs full attention or should warrant full attention.I therefore procrastinate in part because I like doing everything well. I also have a habit of leaving stuff out to visually remind me of what I need to do. And I have a lot of general dislike for paper (it must be my inner green goddess who knows I would prefer everything electronically). Sometimes you may notice that you have a bunch of stuff accumulating on the floor because you have not filed it. And of course you have not filed it because your files are full and what you really truly need to do is purge the old or maybe to add more files. By taking time to notice what is going on then you can make a workable plan to address it. Of course I believe that self awareness is your most powerful tool for addressing everything in life but that is only because it has worked for me for years.

Tip 3: Identify
If you know what you actually do and what your goals are then you can identify what you need. For example I have a niece who is graduating high school this coming week so I will need to purchase a gift for her before then as well as a card and I will need to wrap the gift. I need to do this because otherwise she will not get a well thought out gift from me. So it is with work. If you have a clear direction of where your going and a good definition of what you do and  what tasks you need to perform then you can determine what you truly need on your desk. Everything else can be placed off your desk

Tip 4: Green Clean It
Now that you have a clear space it may be greatly useful to keep it clean with green products. Green products are often laced with essential oils. Some scent aid in focus, calm and productivity. One of my personal favorites to use in my office is grapefruit. It is a bright scent that makes me feel happy. A very good thing while at work.



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