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I love my office. I adore my chair and my desk and especially my lamp. Sometimes I will notice that there is no power however. Um...what happened. Well it was a good thing...thanks to my right hand man I got powered down.

Afterall, when I am out all over the state doing bids and representing the company should my computer and printer and light all be plugged in? Of course not! But these habits take time to unlearn. So I say thank you to my partner and resolve to remember to power down.

Here are a few other things I have been considering lately on the energy front. I have seen the label "Energy Star" many times before and I thought that it was a pretty good thing probably but I have to admit I didn't know exactly what it meant. My research has lead me to understand it as follows:

Energy Star is a voluntary program run by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Energy Star label denotes equipment using less energy than standard models. And Energy Star products have other eco-friendly features to such as printers that print on both sides of the page and fax machines that can scan and send double-sided print-outs. A home office outfitted exclusively with Energy Star equipment (computer, monitor, printer, and fax) can save enough electricity to light the entire home for more than four years. (According to the EPA).

I recently remembered that we needed to switch to Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs when we had a massive light blow out over the weekend - 3 bulbs gone! (CFL's) which use around 66% less energy than traditional bulbs. And they last about 13 times longer too. There are some estimates out there that say you will save around $45 over the life of each bulb. I love that something greener can save you money too.

I admit all this because being greener is my mission. And it's a learning process. It takes consistency and a willingness to change because it is the better choice to make. If like me being green is part of your mission then you want to make sure you are communicating it to your office.  Eric and I have meetings where we actually discuss things like the energy cost and we review our "green list" -which are things we are working on putting into consistent practice. It doesn't take long to do and it helps us to remember that we have to keep reaching for ways to be greener. And it makes me happy to know that we are doing something good for now and for later.



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