How does cleaning build your brand?

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10 Tips to Build Your Business Brand

Maybe your thinking why would you want tips from me on building a brand. Afterall, I own a cleaning company so I couldn't have anything enlightening to say to a big commercial business on branding right? Wrong! I have become a student of branding myself because I want my company to thrive and be the best cleaning company in Lexington, KY! You have to know branding if your going to make it in the market today. So here are my current thoughts on how to build a brand.

1.) Be good at what you do! Seriously. If you stink at what you do you no amount of branding will help you.

2.) Master some basic skills! If you don't type, text and have weird phone skills fix it. Learn to type, use facebook and get a clue on what is current with technology. Same thing goes for the basic skill of balancing your checkbook - even if you use online banking you need to reconcile the statement. Basically I am saying be competent in tecnology, communication and basic business skills that likely fall outside your area of expertise. If you can improve in an area do it. It doesn't have to be perfect but you can't learn if you don't try. For example I have a competitor that doesn't have e-mail. How much longer do you think she will last? She refuses to learn to work with a computer and I have a phone that pretty much does everything for me but pour my coffee in the mornings. It makes a difference to so many people that it is foolish to overlook basic skill development.

3.) Smile! People like to work with happy people. If you are a sour puss they can easily go somewhere else. Get a grip on yourself quick if you fly off the handle often. If you regularly yell you have a problem. Get some emotional management. Learn to meditate if need be (it works great by the way).

4.) Be seen! It is important to actually show up places where you can be seen. This feeds and supports the social media world. Take out your phone and grab a photo cause you need to post those pictures my friend. Attend things and always be ready for a photo op.

5.) Win stuff! Set out to achieve something such as winning a writing contest or get yourself nominated for one of the best small companies to work for if you have children. If you win stuff people will want to know more about you.

6.) Be Green! It makes a statement about your intellect and your compassion.

7.) Be a Positive Pusher! Do not complain to anyone really or very much about what is going wrong. Shift your focus into what wonderful little achievements you have made so that you build up your support system. Business is tough. You will definitely face challenges. You have to see them in the right light. Do not get other people thinking your are always having a hard time. Instead use your time with folks helping them celebrate your successes. So no more bellyaching about things. Be honest of course but be selective.

8.) Be Fabulous! Yes it matters if your desk is clean and orderly. Yes your client notices if your car is dirty. And you better believe the cleanness of your office and your bathrooms matter. Everyone forms an opinion of you based on the level of clean you present. My home is one notch higher in neat and clean than pretty much anyone I know. When I see a desk of someone who has stuff strewn everywhere I form an opinion known as "one more hot mess". So if your numbers are not where you would like them to be consider taking the four minutes it takes to clear your desk and get a clue about self presentation. I went to a coffee shop just a few days ago and noticed a thick layer of dust on a painting. It made me uncomfortable. I will be meeting my clients elsewhere for coffee. How gross can your be to have that much dust. I don't want to eat there now. See what I mean?

9.) Get Over It! Success at branding has more to do with what goes on in your head than anything else. Do you really think you can't do it? Or do you just make excuses? You can lie to yourself all you want but at the end of the day you still have to pay the piper. Invest a small amount of time on personal growth everyday. Get a mantra. They work.

10.) Have Passion! Why are you doing this? Why are you working? Why do you love what you do? If you have passion even if you don't tweet perfectly people will see this and relate to it. You will be the magnet. That really is the point of branding draw people into your space.



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