Green Options For Keeping The Office Allergy Free

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5 Green Cleaning Tips for an Allergy-Free Office

The average work day is typically eight hours, with many people working much more than that in order to successfully complete their workload. Because of this, the office ultimately feels, to many people, like their second home. In some cases, people actually do spend more time at the office than they do in their own home. But, what happens when the place you work isnít healthy? You can lose valuable workers to allergy attacks whether it be from a condition like asthma or simple seasonal allergies. Here are some tips and tricks to take your spring cleaning to the next level and create an allergy-free work environment.

Clean Up the Break Room

Many people donít think about it, but the break room can often be a source of allergens. A fridge with week old food, a dirty microwave, and a sink full of dishes can all be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other types of allergens. Aim to help keep the office healthy by making sure everyone does their part to keep the break room sparkling.

Become a No Fragrance Zone

Everyone wants to have a great smelling space, but fragrances can easily be a source that triggers allergies. Fragrances in air fresheners, lotions, and even hand soaps can trigger allergic reactions such as headaches or even be the cause of severe asthma attacks. For everyoneís safety, perfumes, lotions, and personal air fresheners should all be left at home.

Go Fragrance-Free

Go Green!

Not only does the environment thank you when you use green cleaning products, but so does your work space. Not only do green cleaning methods not have harsh chemicals making them healthier all around, but many do not contain strong scents; making them great for an eclectic work space.

Create Smoking Areas

Smoking is one of those habits that simply cannot be allowed in a work space when you are trying to cut down on allergens. Smoking releases chemicals and smoke into the air that can not only trigger asthma attacks, but can lead an entire office into sneezing and coughing fits. Even those without severe allergies can be extremely irritated by cigarette smoke. If your office is not completely smoke free, consider creating areas that are specifically for smoking, preferably outdoors far enough away from common entrances and exits. You want to keep the smoke and chemicals away from the rest of the office. Better yet, make your office a completely smoke free zone to promote healthier employees altogether.

Hire a Service

An office cleaning service, such as Integrity Commercial Cleaning, is a great option to help keep your office allergen free. Not only does it ensure that all areas of the office are cleaned impeccably, but Integrity Commercial Cleaning uses green products, helping to cut down on those strong product smells and chemical irritants. More information can be found here.

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The office is meant to be a safe place where workers can do their job and do it to the best of their ability. The fear of allergens triggering an attack or irritation can cause low productivity, making it imperative that every office take precautions to make their space allergy free.




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