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2013 Gratitude

All the people. Our  Cleaning techs who have worked so hard all year long. Thank you for every detail you take care of, for being responsive and for bringing a can do it attitude to your accounts. Our clients who have trusted us to take care of their offices and properties. We are very appreciative of that trust - it is the foundation of our business. Our suppliers are the best in the business - we thank you for making green cleaning affordable and effective. 

We have had some great laughs in 2013 and that in our book really helps offset any stress. We have enjoyed meeting people through Commerce Lexington events especially Connect for Lunch. Networking is really important for a business and Eric does a great job connecting our clients with our network. He has been tireless in working to build an amazing company and in our opinion our success is due to his great leadership. 

Lastly we are grateful for our planet. By being committed to being green we hope to inspire others to do what we can do both personally and professionally to live a greener life for the future generations of life on this planet. 

Happy Holidays,


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