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A clean office is a blessing. As I look around my lovely office I notice a few things. I notice some photos that I love, the play of black surfaces against light wood and one single area of work that is waiting for me to get to it today. If I had a client walk in right now I would have no problem offering them a seat, a cup of tea and my full attention. I would not be distracted by dirt, messes or any other such nonsense. How lovely!

It wasn't always this way for me. I used to have the problem of leaving items out as visual reminders -- I didn't trust my filing system since I didn't know how to actually use it properly. I didn't have confidence -- I had anxiety. And as much as I loved clean -- it wasn't happening. And while I was always busy - I mean  I worked all the time - I wasn't always productive in a meaningful way. Oh I got things done but never with the same feelings of accomplishment that I now regularly enjoy. While I am not perfect and still a work in progress -- I am so thankful that I have evolved because I finally figured out how to have a really chic office.

I did take a lesson or two from some really successful people with beautiful offices that I admired. I noticed that it was more than their offices that I admired. I admired their careers, their style and their calmness. What were they doing that I wasn't? While I had no formal education on this matter - I was curious enough to ask. And I got a lot of tips along the way. One of the best was about the mental nature of organization. And it kept coming up. Finally I arrived at a formula that worked for me. And I couldn't be happier.

My secrets are simple. Here are a few of them. Know exactly what you need to accomplish in your office and make sure you have what you need in order to do that. Without the basic foundation of items you need you can not be successful to the degree you truly desire. And remember if you don't need it -- it's an extra. Extra's have their place -- they add beauty and joy-- but too many is a big no. Reject clutter. Edit your items ruthlessly. Don't be afraid to tinker with it until it is just right for you. And clear off your desk routinely at the end of each work day.

As for cleaning - well I enjoy cleaning very much. I'm crazy for natural fragrance -- my current obsession is for oranges mixed with a bit of lavender! I love to freshly wipe down the desk and door knobs and light fixtures with the simple formula of 1 ounce vinegar, 3 ounces water and 20 drops of orange essential oil to 10 drops of lavender essential oil. And the wonderful thing about it is that in keeping a nice neat little office -- the cleaning is no big deal. It takes me very little time to vacuum, dust and freshen this lovely space.

So here are a few lovely offices to help you get your chic on! Enjoy!


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