5 Office Cleaning Essentials

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1. First and foremost - is the cleaning company based in Lexington?  Often times you will see ads from companies with a local number but when you ask they operate out of Arizona. Not good if you want good customer service.

2. Do they play the low-ball game? If so then you really want to consider what you are paying for vs what you are getting. If you want your desk dusted and things actually cleaned to your specifications you have to remember that that takes time. Too low of a price will mean corners are cut -- that means your office will be less clean than you want.

3. Will you have the same technician or the same crew? If not run! With all the problems with theft and damage there is no point in having a company with a high turnover rate clean your office. 

4. Is there a policy if things are missed? Say you specifically asked for something to be addressed and it was not done - how does the company handle this issue? 

5. Can they give you referrals from current customers? If they are handling accounts successfully then this will be easy for them to do. 

Hope this helps you as you search for office cleaning services in Lexington, KY. 


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