10 Major Benefits of Making Cleaning Products at Home

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Benefits of Making Cleaning Products at Home

Keeping a clean home is a top priority for most people. Living in a home where everything is in place and neat reduces stress and reduces illness. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning products are costly and full of hazardous ingredients. You can ensure that your home is fresh, clean and disinfected with safe materials by making your own cleaning products. We've got 10 reasons why you should consider making make your own DIY cleaning products or use cleaning services that make their own products.

Homemade Cleaning Products Are Safe

These days you have to buy a specific cleaning product to clean every surface in your home. All too often these cleaners donít work as they should, so you have to combine them to improve their efficacy. But traditional cleaners are loaded with harmful chemicals, and combining them can cause a harmful reaction. To eliminate the potential for danger, use homemade cleaning products instead. Most of the ingredients are items you already have in your kitchen cabinet, making it safe for you and your family.

You Control the Ingredients

There are many types of homemade cleaning products. Most of the products are made by using household items you use for cooking. Controlling what is in your cleaning supplies makes homemade cleaners a nice alternative.

Homemade Cleaners = Better Air Quality

The air quality in most homes is worse than the air quality outside, research demonstrates. In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that indoor air might be two to a thousand times more polluted than the air outside. One of the main reasons for poor air quality is the fact that harmful cleaning products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that donít leave your home. By using homemade products, you stop polluting your home, which leads your air quality to improve.

DIY Cleaners Are Safe For Kids and Pets

Making Cleaning Products Is Cost-Effective

Cleaning products are becoming expensive. Compound the cost with the fact that you have to use specific products on certain surfaces and you could blow your budget easily. When you make your own cleaning products, you reduce the cost of cleaning every inch of your home since most homemade cleaners incorporate inexpensive household items. The cost of cleaning is significantly important in commercial cleaning, so finding a cleaning service that uses homemade cleaners will be less expensive than other cleaning services.

DIY Cleaners Are Safe for Children and Pets

There are hundreds of cleaners with safety warnings about ingestion and eye contact. Despite the warnings, accidents happen. Children and pets are simply not safe around traditional cleaners because of their ingredients. With a homemade solution, you donít have to worry about your child or pet coming into contact with the product.

Homemade Cleaning Products Donít Threaten the Environment

VOCs are chemicals many cleaning manufacturers include in their products. These chemicals evaporate in the air, but they still pose a threat to both indoor and outdoor air quality. Cleaning with household products will eliminate the potential threat to the environment.

DIY Cleaners Donít Trigger Asthma

Many people living with asthma or allergies have a difficult time breathing in homes where the owner uses traditional cleaning products. These ingredients typically emit a strong smell and prevent people with asthma and allergies from inhaling quality air. An office cleaning service is particularly aware of the possibilities, so they clean to ensure everyone can inhale quality air.

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You Control the Strength

Many homeowners are challenged when it comes to finding the right cleaning product for their home. All too often traditional cleaners are not as effective as the manufacturers claim. By creating your own cleaning products, you control the strength of each product. With homemade products, you might be able to clean your home in less time.

Make Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Most people want one cleaning product that is effective, yet gentle enough for most of their surfaces. They simply canít find that with traditional cleaners; however, you can easily make a cleaner that meets your requirements.

Eliminate Resistant Bacteria

Many traditional cleaners include a plethora of antibacterial products. Unfortunately, research demonstrates that these products do not do a better job at reducing bacteria, and these products could even reduce the efficacy of antibiotics. You don't have to jeopardize your health. Instead, clean with homemade cleaners.

For more information on how to implement homemade cleaning products in your office cleaning routine, contact us at Integrity Commercial Cleaning. We clean with only the best, eco-friendly products.


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