About Us

"I love Lexington and want to keep it as beautiful for future generations as it is today." -Eric Hart, Founder

Integrity Commercial Cleaning founder Eric Hart has been an entrepreneur for two decades. Eric created a company that could revolutionize the art of green cleaning for Lexington and central Kentucky. It is an everyday adventure for him to keep up to date on “going green".

Eric has a passion for the environment. He fully believes in the power of green cleaning and is committed to getting the word out so everyone can green up their life! The impact that living green can have on health and wellness is phenomenal and by committing to green cleaning Eric hopes to assist his clients reach their green initiatives.

"Envisioning a better way to clean has been so much fun! Finding people who love to clean is key to my success. I wanted to bring my ethics to the business too. I believe in fair pay, being environmentally conscious, and doing what we say we are going to do. It’s simple. That is how I do business." - Eric

Using technology to create a meaningful resource for our clients has been really enjoyable. Our blog is a great place for us to share our excitement over a new product we've discovered, and we love posting practical tips that can help you take easy steps to greener living.

Another aspect of our business that generates a lot of energy every day is the potential for growth, and the opportunity to give back to the community. Because we are local business here in central Kentucky, we know that we can be a driving part of the economic development for central Kentucky. We share a strong vision for our company and we are so proud of the services that we offer, making us truly unlike any other cleaning company.