Under the bathroom sink

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Our very messy under the sink area had stuff strewn everywhere. Tackling this area was the first of my new year's organizational goals.Honestly we are pretty neat but this cabinet is small and just felt like chaos to me. Like clockwork I picked the smallest task first so that I can knock it out. Then I can move on confidently to a bigger challenge.

My tips are pretty straight forward but here they are:
1. Take it all out and clean the interior of the cabinet
2. Sort through it all and group it together in common categories and be quick about it
3. Throw out expired items, eliminate boxes where you can and laugh at all the weird stuff that you collect
4. Containerize where you can. I love clear see threw boxes but our space is super tight and so I can only get away with one or two of these. Labels are nice but for me I just need to be able to see it and grab it. Do whatever works for you.
5. Keep saying "You can do plenty in 20" that way you give yourself a time limit and even if you go over it who cares. It shouldn't take that long and if you tend to procrastinate it can really help to keep you moving.

Our much better under the sink area. While it isn't going to win any awards for beauty I can now find my nail polish remover and pumice stone. I like that everything is visible.

All in all I feel better about it. Under my sink is cleaner and more orderly. This make mornings less hectic which is really a great for a morning grump like me. Now let me see what I can do about that desk of mine.
- Sabrina


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