Spring Cleaning Start Up

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As you dust and vacuum and mop and what not - don't forget these items:
1.) Makeup brushes - may I suggest using a green shampoo for a gentle cleaner
2.) Winter sweaters - a good final wash with special attention to the arm pits - do store with cedar
3.) Polish your jewelry - you can use baking soda and foil if you wanna go green on this one
4.) Give your boots and winter shoes a good once over - the polish will make them last so much longer
5.) Pull out your summer whites and give them a good launder if they need it - blueing is an old secret but the laundress has a whites solution that works beautifully for the eco-conscious
6.) Baseboards - its the one thing that will often be overlooked but it makes such a difference - vacuum to remove the dust and hand wash to remove the dirt. 
7.) Clean out your makeup bag - get rid of old cosmetics
8.) Check your expiration dates on items in both the kitchen and bathroom cabinets 
9.) Declutter your purse 
10.) Clean the sills of the windows and the tops of the window, door and picture frames
Happy cleaning - Sabrina


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