Spring Cleaning, De-Cluttering, and Re-Organizing! Start your New Year RIGHT and KEEP your Resolution

By Ian D. Hanley on Jan 25th, 2015 05:10 PM

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 ‘De-cluttering, Spring-Cleaning, and Re-Organizing’ are all HUGE in January.  Everyone prepares for a fresh start to the New Year, whether it’s your New Year’s resolution or a deep ‘spring cleaning.’ Realistically, we start out all excited and then it’s hard to make those changes, or we tackle it head on and it just  doesn't  last, and the changes fall by the wayside or its back to our old habits.

Make this year different.   Make small changes.    Don’t Stop.

In case you’re already feeling defeated, here are 5 reasons to de-clutter if you’re losing steam, or aren’t sure what to do to move forward. AND JUST in case you’re wondering, de-cluttering IS NEITHER same as nor equivalent to organizing IN ANY WAY .  De-cluttering happens before organizing. Here’s a link to a modern and practical 2015 cleaning routine at CleanMama.net to help you get started, specifically  designed for the year 2015 . You know that CLUTTER is on the calendar every-single-day because it builds up every-single-day.  It’s got to be hit every-single-day so it  doesn't  take over completely (*emphasis on every-single-day).  This is the secret to keeping clutter away: Regularly taking steps to preemptively  keep it at bay.  De-clutter thoroughly first, and routine daily maintenance will be a breeze! Adding daily goals to your routine will eventually make them second nature, in turn making a huge difference in your life!

A few short reasons to get started…..

1.     SAVE TIME – STOP losing things, soon everything will have a place and a home.

  2.     SAVE MONEY – No more re-purchasing items that you already have but just  couldn't  find.  Use what you have in your home before purchasing.  Get creative; you might be surprised at  some treasures you forgot about.

  3.     LESS STRESS – I cannot focus when there’s clutter and visual noise in my home.  It’s easier   to just ‘be’ in neat and organized places free of clutter.

  4.     PRACTICALITY– That organized feeling you are looking for?  De-cluttering will get you there.  You’ll know where things are, no more searching aimlessly anymore and you’ll enjoy opening  up cupboards and drawers instead of feeling fearful of what might fall out on you. Most of all,  it’s just a great feeling to know where things are WHEN you need them!

  5.     WELCOME OTHERS – If  you've  felt uncertain, anxious, or nervous about welcoming others  into your home, de-cluttering will help to get you beyond that place of fear and transform your  home into a pleasant and inviting space.

  What’s your reason to ‘de-clutter’ this year? 


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