New Year's Resolve

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Happy New Year! I don't know about you but I have a long resolutions list this year. Deciding to tackle it in a whole new way too. I've got a shiny new notebook with a great little motivational saying on it that I am dedicating to logging my goals and progress. And since it is freezing right now here in Lexington, KY I will be indoors working on filing my pages with all sorts of achievements.

The first page has a list of 11 focus areas - which I will work into goals. I like doing resolutions this way - it was more fun than how I did it before - which really didn't work for me that great. I think we can be too harsh in our expectations and not strict enough on the monitoring of our progress.

One focus area for me this year is to refresh the home and bump up the pretty a notch. We just moved this past year and we got things put away in a really good amount of time. While I could not be happier with our home- I must admit there are lots of things that just need doing like painting rooms, organizing hall closet and revamping our filing systems. Our home is pretty clean overall and functioning pretty well but I am now ready to tackle more.

So I hit the internet and I found this really great post on Apartment Therapy called The January Cure. I've done 2 days of the 4 so far and it is really not stressing me at all. If getting excited about your home again is on your list of goals this year check it out. Also I have to mention I got excited when I saw the tip to stock up on green cleaning supplies. I couldn't agree more! Remember this powder cleaner? I really do love it!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Cleaning - Sabrina


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