It's 2012 - Let the Organizing Begin!

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Are you welcoming in 2012 with a slew of organizing? Me too!

I am a long time fan of to do lists and this year I have recommitted to my love of them by starting with a list of stuff to organize! Here they are:

     My closet and clothing storage situation

     My desk and general filing

     My book shelf  (this makes me want a kindle fire even more!)

     The storage under my bathroom sink

The single best advice I ever got on organizing was from a friend (therapist by trade) who I worked with back when I was leading group weight loss classes (I am a dietitian as well). She recommended Julie Morgenstern's book "Organizing from the inside out". Over the years I have worn the pages thin! It is a must read for anyone who really needs to get a clear understanding and plan of action into place. Trust me this is a great book.

I will be posting the before and afters here so check back to see my progress! Until then have a wonderful day!



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