Fall Cleaning Tips

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Fall Cleaning Essentials:

1.) Natural Oven Cleaning
2.) Natural Air Fresheners
3.) Add Spot Vacuuming In
4.) Use Upholstery Attachment 

Sabrina's favorite oven cleaning trick:
2 lemons - cut in half and juice squeezed into a glass pan
2 or more cups of water in a glass pan
Low heat oven for a couple of hours to soften up any grime.

Tip - if you just love holiday smells -- toss a few cloves into the mix for an awesome smell that lingers.

Other Oven Cleaning Tricks Here.

We share our home with a happy Peace Lily and a few other plants to naturally clean the air.

Here are 12 Green DIY Air Fresheners.

Another favorite air freshener trick of ours (especially when it is scent we want):

Distilled Vinegar or Vodka (1/4 cup)
Water (2 cups)
Coriander Essential Oil

The perfect fall cleaning tool. Find out why we LOVE HEPA so much here.

And finally a glam shot that shows why we have to do extra cleaning in the fall. We think it's worth it. Those little leaves sure do make for a lot of dust in our homes but hopefully these tips can make it a little easier and a lot quicker.

-Happy Cleaning,


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