Cleaning with Peppermint

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Finally we have some fresh air! Spring has broken into full stride here in Lexington, KY. Whilst cleaning our own offices today we thought it might be fun to energize the space a bit with a change to our usual essential oil selections. And wow did it ever make a difference.

Many years ago, I really got into learning about how the nose affects our mental functions. I had never been one to suffer from headaches - having maybe one or two incidents a year that got better with an aspirin and a cup of coffee. A couple of years ago I had an unfortunate accident that left me with headaches on a daily basis. Thankfully, I had learned a lot about essential oils over the years. Did you know you can lessen your headache symptoms by inhaling peppermint essential oil? 

Not only does it work great to help relieve the intensity of a headache but also it can be used to assist one in clearing the mind. I happen to love it for how fresh it makes everything feel. So I whipped it out today and added it to the cleaning regimen. Here is what I did:

1.) Add to the vacuum - you can place the oil on the beater brushes or on the edge of the vents that blow out air. Either one will work but I love the instant aromatherapy treatment! 
2.) Add one or two drops to the inside of the toilet paper roll and each  time it spins the fresh scent will fill the air.
3.) A drop to the mop water is quite fresh (always spot test floors if your change your mopping formula - we insist on mopping with vinegar water as we have some true hardwood floors to clean. 
4.) You can add a drop or two to your favorite hand lotions for a quick pick me up energy. 
5.) And if you find that ants are trying to invade - put a couple drops on a cotton ball and place in their path- as they -  unlike me - do not like peppermint and will retreat rather than deal with it. 

Many other uses can be found for the lush peppermint plant but for general cleaning it is wonderful. In my personal opinion it leaves the office feeling bright, happy and fresh. Give it a try - and as always follow safety guidelines for essential oil use - peppermint essential oil is a bit stronger than some of the other scents from essential oil so please do be mindful of your skin and eyes. And if you have office mates - it is also nice to consult them before adding scent to the space.
-Happy Cleaning!


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