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First and foremost allow me to say I am not one to tolerate clutter with toys and other none-sense. You will never sit on Elmo in my living room. I have a rather old fashioned take on that where kids are concerned. I am pretty demanding on points like that and I know it is not a popular or shared opinion with many or even any of my friends. But the real trick of having a clean home is in the daily maintaining. It's the little stuff that makes a huge difference and it only takes minutes.

Every Day In the Morning:
Make the Bed
Wipe down the Bathroom Counters/Sinks
Empty Dishwasher or Put Away Dishes in Drain Rack

Every Night:
Load the Dish Washer or Handwash Dishes
Wipe down the Kitchen Counter and Stove
Sweep Kitchen Floor (or swifter)
Return all stray items (should they dare) to proper home
Do a daily chore

Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Scrub Toilets and Tubs
Wednesday: Vacuum Floor and Rugs
Thursday: Mirror, Glass and Windows (if needed)
Friday: Mop Floor
Saturday:  1 Rotational Chore

Rotational Chore:
Wipe Down Cabinets and all Furniture
Wipe Down Fridge, Clean Microwave and Clean Oven if Needs it
Wipe Down Walls, Doors, Light Switches and pay particular attention to hair style areas (hairspray leaves a thick residue)
Remove Pet Hair from any Upholstery, Spot Clean Rugs and Curtains/Shower Curtains (wash liner of shower curtain if needed)

There it is. Not too much on any given day and always just enough to be done rather quickly  - no more Marathon Cleanings! For those I must confess - I use the cleaning crew :)

Love to hear your thoughts.
- Sabrina


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