Cleaning a Cast Iron Skillet

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Here's my personal regimen - step by step - and yes I've had my set of cast iron for ages:

1.      When I’m on my game I immediately dispose of any grease (don’t put it down the drain) and wipe out the hot skillet. If stuff sits a bit I still do this step - but it is way less effective. That’s when the hot water boil off must be considered.

2.       If I must use hot water then I put just about ¾ of an inch in the skillet. Bring it to a boil and scrape up the stuck on bits. Now be gentle here – no need to make it hard. Let the boiling water do the work :)

3.      Up next is the salt scrub. I use kosher salt to best effect and I use a hard scrub brush that’s not too abrasive. You don’t want to remove the seasoning – just the stuck on bits and the old oil.  Use hot running water here and nary a trace of soap. Soap will lead to rust – the arch enemy of cast iron pans.

       4. After my pans are all scrubbed, I lightly dry and they I place’em on the hot stove top till every last trace of water is evaporated. Then I determine if I need to add any seasoning oil. Some folks recommend seasoning after every cleaning but for me it just makes the pans too sticky. I truly find that I don’t need to season after every use but I do season pretty often – when the pan looks dry to me – which is when that nice dark black looks sorta pale – I would say this is about once or twice a week. And I use my cast iron every single day.

If you’d like further reading on this subject then may I suggest these lovely blogs.

Check out Around My Family Table where Wendy dishes up some great stuff for the allergy sensitive crowd. In my humble opinion (keep in mind my honey is gluten intolerant) we could all do with a little less of these common food allergens in our diet. Too much wheat, corn byproducts and dairy -- not enough fruits, veggies and plain ol' water. Now you all see the Registered Dietitian in me coming out :)

Sustainable Baby Steps could be a nice little visit for ya if you’d like to expand your green know how. I’ve always said it’s better to do a little bit everyday than to try to do it all overnight. “Rome wasn’t built in a day “ right?  Good tips on going green sensibly.

And not to be missed is the lovely advice of Jes with Urban Sacred Garden. This is the sweetest little blog. I love that it is local to my state - just a stone's throw away from Lexi over in the Ville. That's Lexington and Louisville Kentucky for all you readers outside of the bluegrass.And yes I will be trying her recommendation for putting butter in the bottom of a cast iron skillet and baking biscuits in it --sounds YUMMY to me ;)

Happy Green Cleaning - Sabrina

P.S. - As you will note if you visit the blogs I borrowed the images used in this post so I'm giving credit where it's due. The first image is from Around My Family Table and the second is from Urban Sacred Garden. Gotta a summer time cold so I didn't feel up to taking my own photos today.


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