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I love the trailer for this movie. I think it is fair to say we have all heard that we don't use much of our brain power and this movie is another one that is exploring that concept. Anyone remember this flick?
On to the point. When I heard the statistic mentioned above I wondered about a few things. Generally I take stats with a grain of salt. This one seems like it could be very accurate. There is something to the idea that environments and spaces affect us. And cleaning creates a better feeling space immediately. I wanted to talk about a little discussed idea that maybe stress is part of the problem to begin with - especially for the modern woman who juggles a million little lists and feels like there is never enough time to complete all that needs doing or warrants their attention. 

At any time you could actually walk into my home or my office and it would be clean and orderly - and I can say that without being a know it all - little miss perfect because A.) My home and my office are both decidedly not perfect B.) I  may feel a touch more aware as I own a cleaning company C.) I live with a very neat partner and D.) I'm a recovering sloppy hot mess. 

I used to live in chaos and would do that whirlwind cleaning every weekend. I would also read books and try to learn better ways to organize myself  and they did help. But my system would break down and things could get pretty cluttered and darn dusty in the blink of an eye. I always felt put out trying to take care of everything. And this of course lead to feelings of stress. Or was it stress that lead to feelings of frustration? 

What I know for sure is my mind set around cleaning is a big part of how I feel about it. I did figure out that I don't mind taking care of things if my mindset is good. And really you could say that about many facets of life if you just stop and think about it for a few. Ready for my approach?

To my mind stress is a life taker. I do not think good stress is the same as bad stress. Good stress is the kind that gets you off your laurels when you have been resting on them for too long. To me bad stress is the kind that makes you feel all hateful on the inside and outta touch with your happy grateful side -- and no fun to be around. That keeps you on a certain frequency and well it makes everything miserable. Cleaning is a clearing process. I think of it as clearing the mind. A way to honor our spaces and ourselves. So when we are stuck in the head-space of feeling "put upon" we are already stressed and we are already disconnected from what really matters and the what we actually want for ourselves.

So keep that in mind. I ask myself questions about how I feel as soon as I that bad stress shows itself. I know that I am not my stress. I accept that I will have to release a negative mindset if I want to feel better. To me it's all about what I want-- not what I don't want. The lack mentality makes us all feel we are lacking in some regard. I catch myself andI breathe into my mind, breathe into any tightness in my body. I just let go for a minute and then I start thinking gratitude attitude. What is actually going right in my life. And then I switch that to gratitude for the future. I love my life, job, home etc is much more likely to elicit calm breathing and change brainwaves so that we can complete things and enjoy ourself along the way. 

I do follow a cleaning routine and tinker with it periodically. I do let myself see cleaning as a purifying process - meaning as I clean I say things like "I clean out the closet and the closet of my mind at the same time" or "goodbye dirt - goodbye grime - stay away from my mind". I do open the windows for fresh air. I do clean with green products. I do delegate items to others. I do limit daily cleaning to about 20 minutes - 6 days a week, unless I am cooking a lot and make a tone of dishes or if I am minding the laundry - the machine does do most of the actual work. But mostly I keep an eye on my outlook and mindset. I don't bite off more than I can chew and I know my space well. I know how I like it to look and to feel. I ask for help when I need it and I live with less than perfect. But my home is always clean and my desk has become more clear over the years. 

Add to that some essential oils and cleaning doesn't look so bad. 


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