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My desk is typically messy and my husbands.....well very orderly. Of course I always say "but I am really creative" in response to the piles. And while that is true I must shamefully admit my knitting doesn't need to be on my desk. And while it is really hard for me to post these photos here is my before photo of my desk.

There were several problems going on here but the biggest is that there is no actual work space. I have tons of things in lots of little piles that I intend to do something with when I get a minute. Truth is items have no home. I don't utilize that space I do have very well. As a result.....I do not enjoy actually trying to clean my desk.

My husband's desk is right across from mine and his always always looks like this. Actually this is a clutter day for his desk as there are actually some papers that haven't yet been filed.

The main difference is that he always puts things away and I always have more projects and ideas floating on my desk. I really needed to actually begin using my filing system and tapping into that one great resource at my disposal. I had to get my husband to help me because quite frankly we can see who the expert in this area really he did help and now my desk looks like this.

I have a nice big notebook with all my ideas and to do lists nicely captured. I love that my desk is not only clear but truly easy to clean. Frankly I feel more productive and have gotten more done over the past few days. Without all the unfinished things floating around I can honestly say......I have gotten more creative not less.

- Sabrina


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