7 Things to Clean to Avoid Being Sick This Christmas

By Ian on Dec 29th, 2014 08:17 AM

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Whether it's close or extended family, everybody's getting together this Christmas, and bringing their germs along too. After family gatherings, this is the order that I follow – I take care of the most likely to spread areas first and go down the line:

  1. HAND TOWELS: Change ALL the hand towels in the house. Continue to change hand towels daily ( I do this as part of my routine, especially during cold and flu season) until everyone is better.
  2. CLEAN BATHROOMS: If you only have a couple minutes, wipe down the sink handles and toilets. This is especially effective when everyone comes down with something. If your house is set up for having the child use one bathroom exclusively while they are sick, this may be helpful in keeping the illness contained.
  3. COMMON AREAS: Use a sanitizing wipe or rubbing alcohol pad to wipe down switches and switch plates, door handles, and the refrigerator handle.
  4. ELECTRONICS: Use a cotton ball or cosmetic cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and wipe any remotes/phones/video controls.
  5. WASH BEDDING: I usually change pillow cases and leave the actual bedding until the sick child(ren) is/are better. When everyone’s healthy, don’t forget to wash pillows, comforters, quilts, and throw blankets on the couch too.
  6. WASH TOYS: Many plastic toys can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher or wiped clean. Wash stuffed animals in the washing machine with a gentle detergent and dry in the dryer.
  7. TOOTHBRUSHES: Soak toothbrushes in hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly in water. Replace toothbrushes when illness is over.

Don’t forget the most effective method in avoiding illness –  HAND WASHING  – wash for 30 seconds, sing happy birthday, wash past the wrist, etc. Practice what you preach and wash your hands frequently too. I’m always thankful that I have a cleaning routine  when something unexpected strikes – the house is tidy because I keep up with the daily tasks, so a couple days of not completing every task isn’t a big deal. How about you – what’s the first thing you clean when someone gets sick in your home?


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