5 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean this Winter

By Ian on Feb 17th, 2015 02:04 AM

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Ti's the season, the toughest season for keeping your car clean. Follow these 5 simple tips to keep your car up to par!

  1. Replace your carpet with RUBBER. This is especially important for the driver's side since it's the most used. If you can't find a rubber floor mat compatible with your car before the snow hits, or if you're like many of us in Lexington and surrounding central Kentucky and already stranded, a thick towel works well too. Not only will the salt stain the carpet, but it will eventually rust into the floor and it's resale value.
  2. Winter-proof your wheels. It's a good idea to switch to steel or alloy wheels and put winter or snow tires on your vehicle. If you live further north, it's a must to keep tire chains in your trunk. 
  3. Wash your vehicle every 10 days. It's best to do this when the temperature is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. It's also a good idea to allow a few daylight hours for the car to dry before the temperate drops at night. Adding baking soda to the wash water will help dissolve dried salt accumulating on the vehicle surface. Pay extra attention to the undercarriage, especially in hard to reach spots where salt build up can and will occur.
  4. Dry Thoroughly. After washing and rinsing, it's important to thoroughly dry the vehicle. If you've detailed the interior as well, leave the doors open so moisture doesn't get trapped or pool. After drying, it's important to re-was and seal all surfaces during the winter. Using a warm rag during application will help the wax adhere to the cold vehicle surface. A hair dryer could also be used to heat the surface before application to make the wax more effective.
  5. Drive Safe! Although easier said than done, try to avoid driving through deep snow. Driving through salty puddles of water and slush packs more and more salt and water into your undercarriage, increasing your risk of rust damage. The importance of road safety far outweighs the unfortunate corrosive effects of salt on your vehicle. By following these tips and with regularly scheduled maintenance, the damaging effects of salt can be avoided.  

 If you know of any great tips for homemade ice melt or keeping your vehicle clean throughout the winter months, please share in the comments below!


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