5 Green Things

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This article was really insightful. It has a list of the worst cleaners you can use. Very helpful in my opinion.

Plants are the best! I love them! They help keep the air clean. Check out this article.

It may be superbowl food for everyone else here in Lexington, KY - but I am so craving greens! This is hands down the best recipe I have ever had for greens. If your a health nut like me - give it a try!

Since I own a cleaning company I get the organization bug every January. While it is National Organizing Month I always find I am more inspired when I have a reason to prettify something. These organic sachets are beautiful and natural. And it's just enough inspiration to dig through all my clothes and sort out what I need to get rid of too :)

And since I ran out of laundry soap this week I had to go researching to see if there were any new to me recipes and this one is my winner! I made my liquid soap with a bar of lavender soap and also added the lavender essential oil. Let's just say I think I may rename laundry day to aromatherapy day!!! Whole house is smelling lovely! And at 6 cents a load!!!! I can't even think straight -- so much green cleaning bliss! And check out the spoon trick below!

laundry 1936 Homemade Laundry Soap: Liquid Detergent Recipe

Well all in all - that's it Lexington! I hope you enjoy!


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