5 Green Things

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Thankfully we live close to a grocery store here in Lexington. I love walking over and passing these plants - I am particularly happy seeing all the bees and butterflies :)

Love dropping off clothes and shoes at these Gaia Movement locations. This one is in Chevy Chase.

My absolute new favorite cleaning product to hit the bathtub with is Bon Ami. The cute little chic makes me smile. The price made me nearly faint - $1.58 and the product is really good. My nails are done in OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark for those of you who will be asking later - its a dark moody purple black -- yummy for fall.

Having recently revived my meditation practice - I had a visitor join me! No Joke!!! A praying mantis showed up and I was so deeply touched. I looked up the metaphysical meaning of this guy and one of it's connections is to meditation!!! How cool!!!!!

This photo from Julianne Moore's Garden has me hooked. My husband has a significant business background in landscaping and I just enjoy and appreciate all that goes into making a city dwelling like this green. We may be here in Lexington KY with different design challenges but I am completely inspired by the beauty and coloration seen in these photos - check out the link here.

Have a wonderful day!
- Sabrina


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