5 Green Things

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A big plate of homemade gluten free and vegan nilla wafers. My wristband is actually a hair elastic that finally doesn't give me a headache. Makes a great swingy pony tail too.

Our grass in Lexington Kentucky is finally green again! Thankfully that awful drought is over. Chedan can finally really play his favorite game again - STICK!

Speaking of cats - the catnip is on it's second growth phase. We should have a nice harvest soon. This one is a little more bug eaten - but no pesticides here.

This crazy bottle was grabbed up at Kroger. I love the shape and you can see the suds of my home prepared Eucalyptus all natural spray cleaner. My nails are done in a limited edition L`Oreal shade from a few years back that I still really love - it's called High Tide. Feels very moody end of summer to me.

This salad is off the charts good! It is a Strawberry Mint Arugula topped with Goat's Cheese, Lima Beans and Chives. The dressing is fresh prepared with the yummiest spicy and sweet strawberry dressing. Screams summer. Organic produce makes all the difference in my book.

Have a beautiful week!


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