5 Green Spring Cleaning Tips

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Now that the weather is warmer here in Lexington, KY all I want to do is open the windows. Opening the windows of course will lead to the realization of where the dust may be lurking. Never fear Green Spring Cleaning Tips are here -- I couldn't resist.

1.) Before you begin cleaning you really need to dump all the clutter. Get rid of all the stuff you don't use. Donate to a charity or recycle where appropriate. In my years of moving all over the country I have had to let go of more stuff than you can imagine. It isn't always the easiest step but frankly keeps it everything cleaner. The dirtiest places are the hoarding spots. And if you aren't rocking that hairstyle from 1986 then why are you still holding onto that craft project from 1984? I'm just saying.

2.) Dust-busting is easy with your vacuum cleaner. Use it to do all the major work first. Start in the front of your home and work around the room from the top down. Move all the furniture that you don't normally get behind when you vacuum. Move your way through your home doing this one task and you will get the bulk of your dust bunnies. My personal favorite hot spot to hit: the coils behind the refrigerator. This will make your unit run better too.My personal preference is to use a HEPA filtration vacuum to keep the air really fresh and eliminate recirculating 99% of the dusty stuff.

3.) Use all purpose natural cleaning sprays which have essential oils for scent. See my favorite cleaning line of the moment here.

4.) Focus on your bedroom. Since we all want to spruce up our homes at this time of year consider making the switch to Eco-Friendly fabrics in your bedroom. If you are in the market for new sheets go green. Given that you spend several hours a day in your bed this is a really important place to focus your efforts. Air pollution inside the home is way worse than many imagine. Air purification systems are also a smart bet in this room. Use Eco-friendly containers rather than plastic. And keep the cheap scented candles out of here. Instead try some plants or some fresh flowers. One of my personal favorite tips is to mix a few drops of essential oils with water and spritz the sheets and curtains. Soothing scents are always nice such as lavendar but lately I have been favoring more floral scents such as jasmine mixed with rose and a bit of neroli oils.....probably a touch of spring fever.

5.) Ditch Paper Towels (even eco friendly ones) for big jobs such as a spring cleaning. Switch to Microfiber clothes which last forever and are so much easier on the wallet and the planet. Did I mention Microfiber works amazingly well? I simply love how much less cleaning product I can use and my mirrors and glass look amazing with very little effort.

Well guys that is it. A few tips to check out. I hope you have a wonderful time greening and cleaning.


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